Destination Europe!

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Tomorrow we will be off on an exciting adventure! My Dad, Sister and I have plans to visit some historical sites, places where my Grandpa Joe served in the military and we will be spending time in some places that our ancestors lived. We are so excited to share this experience with you. We will be posting daily please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @diaryofthewanderingbastards. (We will also be going FBLive!) Below is our itinerary As we wander through Europe these plans are subject to change after all we are a just a couple wandering bastards. Come and wander with us!

March 2   Thursday        Las Vegas to London

March 3    Friday            Check into AIRBNB hotel – Sightseeing

March 4    Saturday         Portabello Rd. Market

March 5     Sunday           Ivinghoe and Floore Day Trip (Where our ancestors are from!)

March 6    Monday           Eurostar Train to Paris (UNDER the English Channel…gulp)

March 7    Tuesday           Day Trip Tour to Normandy

March 8    Wednesday    Fly from Paris to Venice – Day in Venice

March 9    Thursday        Day in Venice

March 10   Friday             Train from Venice to Rome – Day in Rome

March 11   Saturday         Day in Rome

March 12  Sunday            Last Day in Rome and Fly Home

One thought on “Destination Europe!

  1. Vera D Leavitt says:

    Have a great time!!!! I’ll be following you! Be safe and take care of your Dad, he’s pretty special to me! Love you WB’s!


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