You want to travel but get sicker than a dog?

I feel you. I get sick even when I am driving. I can easily say I am the most motion sick person in the whole world. After a trip to Puerto Vallarta I decided I was done traveling. I was tired of living in a Dramamine fog. Even the non-drowsy version would make me tired. I would always think I can’t go on this excursion or that trip there’s too much motion and I don’t want to be sick and miserable the whole time. But it’s no fun to be left behind. Here are some tips I have found to help.

-Ice Water. I can’t chew it during travel with my sister because she has “misophonia” For those of you who don’t know what that is let’s just say mealtime/snack time can be torture. The sounds of other people eating chomping, chewing, gurgling, slurping can send them into an instantaneous, blood-boiling rage. When we were little I would wake her up in the middle of the night to the sound of my teeth grinding. It was no Bueno. Sorry about that sister.

-Ice, Water, Salt, Lime
Traveling in Puerto Vallarta on a pirate ship I got so deathly sick and a kind pirate who saw me spending the majority of my time hanging my body over the side of the ship mixed up this concoction. Mix 2 teaspoons salt, half a lime in a glass of water and fill with ice. Sip

-Natural Motion Sickness Patches


I wear these behind my ears and they last 2-3 days even with shower or swimming.

-Ginger Gum


These are a little spicy on the tongue but are calming to the stomach.

-Natural Dramamine


Basically ginger in a pill. NO DROWSYNESS!

-Pressure point bands


I wear these on the plane. It’s hard for me to keep them on during the whole vacation because they mess with my travel swagger but on the plane it’s no worries.


-Ginger Ale With Ice
On the plane be sure to order ginger ale with ice. Ginger helps to calm the stomach

-ZenTrip Motion Sickness Relief Strips


I love these! They are like the Listerine breath strips. They don’t taste super amazing but neither does vomit

I even use these products together if I get really sick. My favorite are the patches then I’ll pop in strip and call it a day!

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